Max Purnell
Name: Max Purnell
Nickname: Maxo, Messis long lost disabled cousin
Position: Left Wing/Midfield/Left Back & Club Treasurer
Age: 36
Nationality: English
Height: 5ft 9
Weight: 65.5kg


Bio: A real talented and versatile player who always contributes on the pitch, his obsession with fruit is well documented and his ability to remember to pass has come a long way, always pops in with important goals and just a lovely young man.

Slowest Player Cory Clark
Biggest Moaner Nathan Stokes
Least Intelligent Callum Cavagnah
Loudest Lewis Pearson
Worst Banter Callum/Nathan
Most Skilful Nick Joyce/Cory Clark
Worst Habit Ryan Elsbury - changing outfits 10 times before a night out & Andy Elsbury for leaving the taps on.