Aaron Watts
Name: Aaron Watts
Nickname: Big A...
Position: CB
Age: 35
Nationality: English
Height: 6ft 4
Weight: 95kg


Bio: Chairman, leader, CB, Per Mertesacker look-a-like. This kid has smaller calf muscles than a new born baby. Aaron is not known to be the quickest player in the team, but his vocal, positioning and footballing skills make up for this. He loves a bit of banter with opposing players, fans and officials; however ofen comes out with strange and unusual comments both on and off the field ("Yo", "Vawubles"). He is an important member of the Bilbao team and family, and he always gives his all when representing Bilbao.

Slowest Player Ryan Sergent closely followed by Dan Meek & Matt House
Biggest Moaner Dan Meek but nothing to choose between him and Nathan Stokes
Least Intelligent Matt House
Loudest Lewis Pearson
Worst Banter Max Purnell
Most Skilful Mike Micciche
Worst Habit Dan Meek; kid needs to hit the calpol before a game, far too much mucus on the lungs.