Ben Royall
Name: Ben Royall
Nickname: Royall
Position: Centre Midfield
Age: 29
Nationality: English
Height: 6ft
Weight: 77kg


Bio: Ben is the self-proclaimed Bilbao "pin up boy" & can often be seen pouting towards a camera. Ben has taken advice from chairman Aaron Watts "cut the crap" diet plan as well as asking more senior members on "how the pull the ladies." Away from the catwalk Ben is a very intelligent player who has strong links with West Bromwich Albion. A quick footed player who loves to attack. Ben can turn a game in a second and is definitely an up & coming star for the future.

Slowest Player Ryan Serjent
Biggest Moaner Nathan Stokes
Least Intelligent Jay Powell
Loudest Lewis Pearson
Worst Banter Ant Thomas
Most Skilful Nick Joyce
Worst Habit Ant Biting his nails