Nathan Stokes
Name: Nathan Stokes
Nickname: Stokesy
Position: Striker, AM
Age: 34
Nationality: English
Height: 5ft 11
Weight: 71kg


Bio: A technically gifted forward, blessed with an exquisite first touch and quick feet. A Bilbao player since day one Nathan has amazed teammates with his creative ability and astonished them with his ability to head a ball (albeit it in the opposite direction than intended.) Natural skill and ability aside, Nathan is always committed to the cause, giving 110% effort. When it comes to arguing with the ref and general moaning, Nathan stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Slowest Player Ryan Serj
Biggest Moaner Dan Meek
Least Intelligent Me
Loudest Meeks and Lewis
Worst Banter Sam Lewis
Most Skilful Cory, George
Worst Habit Andy Elsbury... Putting players in his pocket :)