Lewis Pearson
Name: Lewis Pearson
Nickname: Spewy Lewy
Position: Right Wing Back
Age: 35
Nationality: English
Height: 6ft 1
Weight: 80kg


Bio: Bristol Born Lewis, is predominantly a right back but has also been used on the wing. His pace and stamina down Bilbaos right hand side is a threat to any opposition. The former Farmborough FC player isnt known for his goal-scoring, but is always keen to try and get on the scoresheet, infact his famous "P" celebration is adored by fans and well recognised throughout rest of the Suburban Leagues. Lewis, the clubs joker, started last season very brightly with 3 goals in the first few weeks. However he was then ruled out for 6 months due to an injury caused by a freak accident, which was a massive loss to the team. He showed his commitment to Bilbao by helping out manager Ben Lewis with off pitch duties, and helped guide the club to victory in the GFA Cup Final in Bens absence. The Bristolian full back was back in action towards the end of the 2013/14 season, and went on to win Club-man of the Year. Lewis has recently been named Club Social Secretary and has so far lived up to expectations.

Slowest Player Aaron Watts
Biggest Moaner Nathan Stokes
Least Intelligent Ben Royall
Loudest Dan Meek
Worst Banter Max Purnell
Most Skilful Max Purnell
Worst Habit Max Purnell, for never being ready on time.