29th April 2015. Ashton & Backwell Colts 1 v 4 Bristol Bilbao . Goals from Ryan Elsbury, Nathan Stokes, OG , Cory Clarke. Bilbao clinch the Suburban League div 1 Title with one match to play this coming Saturday 2nd May away to Avonmouth res .Man of the match this evening went to centre back Andy Elsbury. Latest Twitter news

Well done BristolBilbao for a great win!!You lads have worked your butts off and it has shown! Congrats to all that have played this season

Very proud of our BristolBilbao lads winning our 3rd league title in a row! Pleasure to play with them all! Roll on sat for the final game

Tonight we were crowned CHAMPIONS for the 3rd consecutive season with a 4-1 Victory over ABUFC1 Colts. Lads were class especially 2nd half.


Not only have we just been crowned champions tonight this is our 3rd consecutive double winning season. Great effort from each player


Big shout to all the support again from everyone tonight, this ones for you. bilbaofamily oneclub

Icing on cake tonight being crowned Champions. doubledoubledouble

Thanks Sam, you played your part 

Congratulations to BristolBilbao on another League