First saturday of September sees the start of the 2014/ 15  Suburban league division one commence.Bristol Bilbao are off to a flying start with an emphatic 7 v 0 win over a good Knowle F C team, who afterward graciously conceded what all the teams last year in division three and the first season for Bilbao in Div six have found the quality of the play and players who wear the Bilbao kit have proved.That said the team realise that this season is going to be very tough there are some very good teams in this division and Bilbao are under no ilusion that it is going to be easy , but getting into higher divisions is what every player wants, to test themselves and test the great camaraderie and friendship within the team against better players.

Bristol Bilbao have picked up many followers from their Fellow Bilbao supporters from Athletico Bilbao who have contacted the team and wished Bristol Bilbao good success this season, this already has will hopefully continue to create a good relationship with Athletico Bilbao team and supporters,Who knows this could maybe lead to a future tour and link between the teams.Although miles apart or "leagues" apart the idea of the way the teams are structured are similar in many ways.

Good luck and success to Bristol Bilbao and Athletico Bilbao this season.