Well done Bilbao 8 v 1 winners away to league leaders Staplehill

Bilbao now up to second with a record 24 v 0 win over Whitchurch last week and 8 v 1 this week making their tally for the season 43 goals for 5 against.Hat tricks for Nick Joyce and Cory Clark and free kick Goal from Craig plus OG gave us the win.

Next week sees Bilbao at home to Rolls Royce 2.30pm kick off, as the only match of the day.

Training this week wednesday 9th October Please try and arrive early between 7 and 7.15 if possible

maybe able to get on the court early.

New website page team stats up and running soon Andy Els working on it at the moment.

Total league and cup goals so far

Nick Joyce 16

Cory Clark 11

Craig 9

Ryan Elsbury 3

Shaun Blake 3

Ben Lewis 2

Josh Turner 2

Matt House 2

Aaron Watts 1

Ant Thomas 1

Max Purnell 1

Tom Gaves 1

OG 1